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This image from the turn of the 19th century reveals a dog with a heavier body and lacking the features of later pressures. By the 18th century 2 types had been developed for hunting hare and bunny: the Southern Hound and the North Country Beagle (or Northern Hound). The Southern Hound, a tall, heavy pet with a square head, and long, soft ears, was common from south of the River Trent and most likely closely related to the Talbot Hound.

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The North Country Beagle, perhaps a cross in between a spin-off of the Talbot stock and a Greyhound, was reproduced primarily in Yorkshire and prevailed in the northern counties. It was smaller than the Southern Hound, less heavy-set and with a more pointed muzzle. It was faster than its southern counterpart but its scenting capabilities were less well developed.

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Although details of the pack's lineage are not taped it is thought that North Country Beagles and Southern Hounds were highly represented; William Youatt suspected that Harriers formed an excellent bulk of the beagle's bloodline, but the origin of the Harrier is itself odd. Honeywood's Beagles were little, standing at about 10 inches (25 cm) at the shoulder, and pure white according to John Mills (composing in The Sportsperson's Library in 1845).

Early images of the Beagle (clockwise from top left): 1833, 1835, Stonehenge's Medium (1859, reusing Youatt's 1852 "Beagle" image) and Dwarf Beagle (1859 ). Although credited with the advancement of the modern breed, Honeywood focused on producing canines for hunting and it was delegated Thomas Johnson to fine-tune the breeding to produce dogs that were both appealing and capable hunters.

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The rough-coated beagle survived until the beginning of the 20th century, and there were even records of one making a look at a pet reveal as late as 1969, however this range is now extinct, having most likely been absorbed into the basic beagle family. In View Details , a basic beagle type was beginning to establish; the distinction between the North Nation Beagle and Southern Hound had actually been lost, however there was still a large variation in size, character, and reliability amongst the emerging packs.